School Day Information

Thank you for partnering with us to provide meaningful opportunities for your children. This page has been developed to inform our Rincon Vista families of plans regarding the opening of schools for the 2020/2021 School Year. We recognize that as plans are made, some of those plans will need to be modified and adjusted as conditions around COVID-19 are still fluid across Arizona. As some of these topics are still being discussed and considered, you may find areas that are under construction. As decisions are finalized, the sections will be updated on this page.

School Days Look-Like & Information





Students will enter campus through a designated gate based on their grade level. Gates will open at 7:45am and students will go directly to their advisory class. Physical distancing practices will be encouraged. Entrances will be monitored and supervised by RVMS staff members. Parents are encouraged to stay in their car when dropping off their child. Students may go to the cafeteria only if they need to eat breakfast. After eating in the cafeteria, students will go to their advisory class.






Student desks and tables will be in rows separated as much as the dimensions of the classroom will allow with students all facing the same direction. Students will be given the opportunity to wash or sanitize their hands after every transition. Students will place their backpacks in front of them at their feet. Students will be given a supply list and will be required to bring their individual supplies everyday. Cleaning of desks, tables, and common areas will be conducted at regular intervals by the classroom teacher throughout the day. In addition, regular deep cleanings of classrooms will be completed each evening. Students and staff will have access to a cleaning station and/or multiple hand sanitizing stations in each classroom.






There will be one-way traffic patterns in the courtyards. Large arrows and signage will be displayed for communication. No lines outside of classrooms.






Students will have the option to go to the field or basketball courts after eating lunch. Large group activities (more than 10 students) will be discouraged and social distancing guidelines will be followed. Students will not be able to bring equipment from home to use during lunch.






Students will be given an ID card with a bar code connected to their My Meal Time account. Three grade-level lunch periods with social distancing considerations. Two points of sale with Grab-N-Go options. Multiple shaded seating arrangements will be monitored outside. Added tables and shade for outside seating. Limited seating in MPR.






Materials and equipment will not be shared. PE classes will focus on individual sports, calisthenics, yoga, etc. No dressing out in PE. Large band classes will be configured to minimize exposure and maximize instructional time. Art and STEM will use individual supplies.






Bus Riders will be dismissed at 2:45. All other students will be released at 2:50. Students will be monitored to ensure that they exit campus promptly. There will not be any extra curricular activities for at least the first two weeks of school.


For more information regarding Vail School District plans/procedures, or to find information for other schools in Vail, please CLICK HERE.

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