Volunteer at RVMS

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For anyone wanting to volunteer in a Vail School:

All persons wishing to volunteer in a Vail School District school must complete the following required documents:

  • Volunteer Applicationhttps://www.applitrack.com/vail/onlineapp/
  • Individuals will receive an Affidavit via email from the District Office. The individual will sign it electronically. There will be instructions on how it needs to be submitted.

The online application and affidavit will need to be submitted online at least ten business days prior to a parent/legal guardian volunteering on a school campus or field trip.  Non-legal guardians must submit the online application, affidavit (electronically) and fingerprints to RVMS at least ten weeks prior to volunteering.

Fingerprint requirements:

  • Parents or Legal Guardians: No need to fingerprint if they are a parent or legal guardian of a child at the school for which they wish to volunteer.
  • All other community members or family members: Must submit fingerprints for approval prior to volunteering at a school site. It generally takes 6-8 weeks to receive results.


Maintaining Volunteer Eligibility:

  • Volunteers must update information each year.
  • Volunteers must volunteer at least once during the school year.

If you have any questions, please contact Anissa Hayes, RVMS Volunteer Coordinator, at 520-879-3202 or hayesa@vailschooldistrict.org.