Pennies for Patients

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Each advisory class has a unique link and tracking so students can win their Olive Garden Party.

Click on your student’s advisory teacher’s name below to be directed to the class link.


Team Rincon

Mrs. Figueroa

Ms. Fonseca

Ms. Jones

Mr. Nieto

Team Vista

Mr. Abbott-Spitzer

Mrs. Castell

Mr. Douglas

Mrs. Riley

Team Spirit

Mrs. Baechler

Ms. Chambers

Mrs. Kinney

Ms. McCarthy

Team Navy

Mrs. Kincannon-Cox

Mrs. Pinkston

Ms. Santos

Dr. Shaw

Team Silver

Mrs. James

Mrs. Klick

Mr. Massey

Mrs. Scruggs

Team Stars

Mrs. Benzi

Mrs. Brown

Mr. Busch

Mrs. Faoro

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