Returning Student Online Registration

Online registration for the upcoming school year is now available! This process replaces the paper packets sent home at the beginning of each school year. You will use the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access your returning student’s registration. RVMS students must complete this online process by Friday, July 28, 2017.

How do I get started?

Go to to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal (also available on the PowerSchool mobile app). Once logged in to the Parent Portal:

  1. Select the student you wish to register along the top tabs.
  2. Select the Returning Student Registration Icon on the lower left side for the 2017-2018 school year.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Click Begin Forms

I can’t remember my login for the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

If this is the first time you have ever logged into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and you don’t know your user name or temporary password, please contact your school’s front office directly.

If this isn’t the first time you have ever logged into the Parent Portal you can retrieve your login credentials using the “Having trouble signing in?” link on the Sign In page. If you are still having issues logging in, please contact your school’s front office directly for assistance.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

What if I make a mistake?

If you would like to make a change prior to submitting the form, you can either navigate back to the page using the “< Prev” and “Next >” buttons or if you are on the Review page click on the underlined field. If you have already submitted the form you will need to contact your student’s school so they can make the changes for you.

I’ve completed the form, now what?

Once you have finished entering your information click “Submit.” This will send all of the information you’ve entered to the school. If you cannot click on this button you will need to make sure that you have answered all required questions.

What if I have more than one student in the district? Do I need to do this for each child?

Yes, you will need to provide information that is specific to each child. Make sure to select each child from the top of your PowerSchool screen and then click on the Returning Student Registration link on the lower left hand side. We recommend that you complete and submit one form and then start another. This will allow you to “snap” (or share) selected family information, which saves you time.

Help! I’m on the InfoSnap form and I’m having technical difficulties.

For technical support, visit or click “Contact Us” from any InfoSnap page.

Thank you! 

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